Work Stations

Easy, cost effect way of monitoring
vital components of your PC network


Keep Your PC's in Good Health 24/7!

Managed Workstations helps look after your IT by providing a continuous service health check through the following:

• Building a clear picture of each workstation
• Producing reports on issues
• Highlighting potential risks
• Updating and upgrading software
• Enhancing performance
• Reducing downtime
• Providing on-going support

This all helps you to concentrate on growing your business and increasing profits.

Managed Workstations consists of three separate services that can be built up over time to give your PC and laptops complete support.

Set up is quick and easy. We'll happily come in and give you a demo, or you can even opt for a free trial to see how it works. If you feel that Managed Workstations would benefit your business contact Edery Technology today .

Managed Workstations - Monitoring, Maintenance, Support

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  • Acronis
  • Microsoft
  • Symantec
  • NEC
  • Tierranet
  • Merald Authorized Dealer
  • LogMeIn
  • DSX
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